A cylindrical dildo with gentle waves trailing up either side

Leptos nectoherba

Researchers initially mistook L. nectoherba for just another kelp plant, much to everyone’s chagrin. In the crew’s defense, L. nectoherba are well-camouflaged — they are not strong swimmers and therefore must avoid predators by disappearing amongst the kelp. Researchers have yet to beat them in a game of hide-and-seek, even though the L. nectoherba insist they’re going easy on them.

Nectoherba features a cylindrical, gently wavy shaft with a prominent medial ring and frills trailing up the top half of the toy. 

Size Chart

Size Max shaft circumference (in) Usable Length (in)
Mini 3.5 5
Small 4.25 6.5
Medium 5.5 8.25