a 3D render of a dildo with a lightly textured shaft and a base that resembles a water splash

Hyphantes amnicus

Each of these aquatic creatures is actually a hivemind composite of millions of smaller organisms. They possess incredible shapeshifting abilities and are able to match the color and texture of any environment with ease. After growing annoyed at researchers’ attempts to outsmart their camouflage abilities with increasingly complicated backdrops, a group of H. amnicus attempted to prank the researchers by disguising themselves as creatures from a popular horror franchise. Their disguises were effective enough that the researchers agreed to stop with the optical illusions on the condition the H. amnicus promised to assume a more friendly shape. 

Amnicus is a slightly top-heavy model with a textured tip, lightly textured shaft, and highly detailed base. Amnicus is girthier than other offerings from Sumptuous Galaxy in the equivalent size. The texture on the base may sometimes trap air bubbles. As this does not impact usage, toys will not be flopped for this unless the bubbles are exceptionally large or numerous. 

Size Chart

Size Max shaft circumference (in) Usable Length (in)
Mini 5.25 4.25
Small 6.75 5.5
Medium 7.75 6.25